Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

The best way for your relationship to succeed is with an Emotionally Focused Therapy trained counselor.  Each member of our team is confidential and professional in our counseling services.  The roadmap provided by Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy allows the therapist to quickly discern the best route forward for building, rebuilding, or healing the emotional bond.  

There are times when couples begin to question whether they are truly compatible.  Maybe years of distance have come between you.  Maybe you are tired of persistent fighting.  Or maybe the relationship has been affected by a betrayal or injury from long ago that cannot be overcome. These are times when it can be helpful to have a counselor involved.  A confidential therapy session can help clarify the issues and figure out the best route forward.

We can heal the unmet needs in the relationship to provide more than a “last resort before divorce”.  Counseling is an investment in your relationship, your health, your partner, your children, and your future happiness.  Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy fits multiple situations that affect the couple’s relationship:

Recovering from Infidelity

When there is a betrayal and loss of trust, we call this special kind of wound an “attachment injury,” and it has some unique implications for a relationship.  The injured party’s memories all become tainted with the possibility that “everything was false,” and the future is robbed of hope.  It is possible to heal from infidelity and betrayal, and the relationship can move forward, but it requires the hard work of understanding, speaking truth, and rebuilding a new foundation of trust.

Premarital Counseling/ Marriage Enrichment

We can help your marriage to be supportive, loving, joyful, and fulfilling.   We can prepare ourselves as thoroughly as possible with premarital counseling in Emotionally Focused Therapy.  This gives couples the skills to develop tools for navigating life’s conflicts while maintaining their emotional bond with their spouse.  It provides space to truly resolve old fears and wounds, to keep them from resurfacing and driving a wedge into the relationship.  

Real intimacy with another human being is both compelling and frightening.  Is it possible to invest in your relationship in such a way that the moments of joy are expanded and the times of fear and frustration are reduced.  What would that be worth?  A way to understand the normal fears, struggles, and desires in the relationship.  We can provide tools that are designed to navigate around challenges more effectively and reconnect to our loved one more quickly.

Loss of Physical Intimacy

Sometimes, a couple gets into a negative spiral where there is a loss of emotional connection.  This can lead to a loss of physical connection, which then leads to any number of negative symptoms such as arguing or emotional distance.  When one partner is impacted more than another by the absence of physical intimacy, then it can become a painful wedge that impacts every other aspect of the relationship.  We can create a safe space to discuss intimacy in ways that bring people closer together instead of driving them apart.

Second Marriage

Couples who have previously been married understand the importance of maintaining their emotional bond.  Often, the current relationship involves lots of stressors including: ex-spouses, blended families, and career adjustments.  When facing multiple stressors, it is more important than ever to have a “united front” with your partner.  Committing yourself to a counseling process can provide the tools and the deep connection you need in order to face these challenges together.

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