Military Service Therapy

Military Service Therapy

Spending years in the military will often make it difficult to adjust back into civilian life.  Past military service typically affects all areas of life, including relationships, family, finances, and career goals. Our counseling helps military veterans to adjust to the transition from military life to civilian life.

Veterans that have served in all different wars - from World War II to the recent Middle Eastern conflicts - seek the services for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Depression, Anxiety, and Grief.  We can help service members search for employment, provide marital and family counseling services, and discover coping tools for trauma and events seen while deployed. We can also provide services to family members of military veterans.

We are non-judgmental, compassionate, and empathetic toward your experiences in the service. We are understanding of the struggles and challenges that military veterans face each and every day. We respect the values and traditions that many veterans have lived throughout their military career.

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